Crossborder LTL transportation is a core service at Hot Freight.

LTL Carrier – Cross Border and Within Canada


There are two ways to move LTL Freight (Less than Truckload). The traditional and old method OR by using the Hot Freight LTL Trucking System.

 The old way of moving LTL freight is picking small shipments from various points, bringing the shipments to a central dock, reloading the freight for  shipment  to another dock near the final destination and finally unloading and reloading for delivery to your customer. The old way of handling LTL means lots of handling increasing the risk of damages,  shortages and mistakes.

The Hot Freight LTL Trucking System is moves the shipment to your customer on the same truck as it is picked up on. The elimination of handling and the use of a single truck for linehaul virtually eliminates the risk of damages, shortages and mistakes. From a logistics standpoint, the Hot Freight LTL Trucking System requires a great deal of behind the scenes coordination. Our staff are experts at coordinating LTL freight using the Hot Freight LTL Trucking System and have the know-how to overcome the challenges of moving your cross-border and domestic shipments.  LTL shipments are followed carefully and proactively from the initial set up of the shipment through pick-up to final delivery.

Hot Freight offers our customers Canadian LTL trucking services and Cross-Border LTL trucking services.  Whether it’s shipping your LTL shipment within Canada or it’s shipping to or from the United States — Hot Freight is your LTL freight trucking solution.