Flatbed trucking, heavy haul trucking & specialized equipment

Hot Freight International is your source for flatbed trucking service between United States animg_truck_flatbed_trailerd Canada and within Canada. Flatbed trucking companies (sample equipment pictured here and by clicking here) are typically used when the product being shipped falls into one or more of these categories:

  • Shipper or receiver does not have a dock and the product must be loaded from the top, side or back of the flatbed trailer by a crane.
  • The freight being shipped is too large to fit in a conventional enclosed trailer.
  • The freight being shipped must be chained or strapped down firmly for safe transit.

Many different types of trailers are available for flatbed trucking:

  • Standard flatbed. An open platform style trailer with a dock level floor. Product can be strapped and tarped.
  • Stepdeck. A trailer with a lower platform to accommodate shipments with a greater height but still achieve the maximum legal height for highway overpasses and utilities such as hydro wires and street lighting.
  • Double drop stepdeck. The same as a stepdeck but with an even lower platform to accommodate shipments with greater heights.
  • Curtain side.   The top of the trailer is not removable but the sides of the trailer are constructed of canvas that can be pulled back for side loading of the freight.
  • Rack & tarp. A standard flatbed trailer but with a removable steel pole rack and tarp system to cover the load.
  • RGN (Removable Goose Neck). Typically used for hauling cargo that can be driven onto the trailer. For example forklifts, cranes, farming & mining equipment.

There are many flatbed companies that specialize in one or two of the above types of equipment but Hot Freight International offers customers access to ALL of these services. Talk to our team of flatbed experts about your flatbed trucking needs.