Hot Freight is not associated with any one trucking company, corridor, lane, state or province. Our network of partners and know-how can save you time and money. We do the leg work, the phone work, and the paper work to secure your shipment from pick-up to delivery.

Based at our head office in Toronto, Ontario, with another office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Hot Freight specializes in the transportation of goods within North America. We are staffed by experienced & focused team of transportation professionals who are dedicated to providing shippers with customized solutions to their transborder and domestic shipping needs.

“The one call, one source, one responsibility philosophy of Hot Freight allows you to remain focused on what’s most important: Your core business & your customers.”

Hot Freight believes the complicated transportation business is all about one-to-one relationships that are built on excellent service. We want to gain your trust and forge a trusting relationship with your company by giving you best transportation service the industry. We work hard to gain your trust by sticking with the following basics in each and every transaction:

  • On time pick-ups and deliveries

  • Proactive tracking of every shipment while in transit

  • Advising you immediately of any problems, delays or changes

  • Checking all shipment details for accuracy

  • Notifying you by email when your freight is picked up and delivered

  • Honest, open and proactive communication with 24/7 availability